About Butter & Fig


Welcome to Butter & Fig. My name is Amber and I am the founder, lead designer and formulator. Each product is thoughtfully handcrafted in small batches in our Mesa, AZ shop surrounded by the best community of other local small business.

When we founded B & F, I envisioned simplistic products with bright colors and balanced beauty transitioning seamlessly from the ingredients, scents and packaging.  I have always been inspired by light + airy styling with pops of color, striving to create products with a purpose that are fun, fresh and just feel good. We want to leave a little love wherever our products end up as a little reminder to stop and enjoy the little things that are in abundance around us. These little things are what keep us going, bring joy to our lives and create happiness. Our hope is that your B & F products do just that. Create a little piece of joy in your life!

My story wasn’t always this way. What seemed strained, uninspiring and sometimes downright suffocating.. where I let many days slip by without remembering to stop and take a moment to smell the fresh orange blossoms, watch the thunderstorms roll in over the Arizona desert and most importantly, I was forgetting to laugh.  I am more than grateful for it all… as it has lead me here. I startled dabbling in creating my own skincare products back in 2009. I enjoyed the science behind blending ingredients to make a usable product. How cool is that?!  What started as a creative outlet from my corporate job changed when my 29 year old sister-in-law passed away from breast cancer leaving behind two small children. I promised myself I would find a more authentic and healthier way of living. From what we consume to what we apply on our skin. I vowed to live a better life, a life designed around my true talents and not those forced by a less than forgiving corporate job.  Having all the great things in life meant nothing if I could not create something I loved and to feel inspired. 

I went through a transformation and became aware for the first time, of the importance of truly living, getting caught up in a moment. 100% authentic and completely me and not defined by what others were doing, achieving or expecting. I closed my eyes and jumped to pursue my dream of owning my own business doing what I love – creating fun, lighthearted products. I now define “success” by creating a brand that makes people smile. As a result, I became happier, healthier, lighter and more peaceful than ever before.  I do still have my moments when I am my biggest critic, but I am still growing.

In sharing my story I hope you find an authentic place from which B & F was designed. A place of comfort and a place to encourage others to find their passion and to go after their dreams.

Please connect with us – we are always open. hello@butterandfig.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/butterandfigco/

My heart is filled with B & F, but I do have some other true loves. This is Erich - my rock, biggest cheerleader and the best business partner a girl could have. We love cooking together, traveling and being outdoors camping and hiking with our rescue dog, Ruca (follow Ruca on Instagram here)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting B & F. We are so humbled by your love for our little dream.